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Supplementing Omega 3 Fish Oil

Higher Nature - Omega 3 fish oil 180 capsA large and growing body of scientific literature suggests that eating fatty fish not only enhances early growth of the brain and retina, but also provides protection against health issues including cardiovascular disease, arthritis and mental decline.

EPA and DHA are termed essential as the body cannot make them, and therefore they must be obtained from the diet.

Supplementing can be a great way to top up levels of these vital fats.

Higher Nature’s Omega 3 Fish Oil is a 100% pure, ethically and sustainably sourced premium fish oil, which is scrupulously screened for PCB’s, heavy metals and other pollutants.   Obtained from wild sardines, anchovies and mackerel (not farmed fish), it is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it does not contain Vitamin A.

One capsule typically provides:
1000mg Fish oil, providing 180mg EPA, 120mg DHA.

Suggested intake:
Take 1-3 capsules a day, with meals.

Does not contain:
Sugar, salt, starch, wheat, gluten, maize/corn, yeast, lactose, dairy products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings.