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Top Nutrients for Cardiovascular Support

Coronary Heart Disease remains the number 1 killer in the UK!

Optimal heart health can be achieved by making healthy modifications to dietary and lifestyle habits, which can significantly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Incorporating certain nutrients into your diet that are rich in beneficial active compounds, may benefit your heart in a multitude of ways.

Although many nutrients are vital for cardiovascular function, vitamin K2 and compounds in pomegranate and garlic are well researched in promoting heart health.  Packed with over 100 bio-active compounds and polyphenols, pomegranate is a fruit that has been used historically to remedy many conditions.  In heart health, pomegranate has been shown to potentially lower blood pressure and improve endothelial function, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. (1)

A culinary ingredient used in many cuisines, garlic is a powerhouse of antioxidative flavonoids and a naturally occurring sulfuric compound, allicin.  From exerting antibacterial effects to promoting vascular function and supporting cholesterol regulation, garlic has many promising health benefits.  Additionally, trials with garlic supplementation displayed reduced blood pressure in individuals with hypertension. (2)

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluable vitamin that is critically involved in cardiovascular processes, such as blood clot formation.  In addition, vitamin K2 can support blood vessel health by preventing arterial stiffness and reducing calcification that can contribute to disease. (3)  In conclusion, supplementing a healthy regime and a balanced diet with these evidence-backed nutrients might further encourage optimal heart health and manage cardiovascular risk factors.

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