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We Are Vegan

The arrival of the New Year welcomes new attitudes and new resolutions that we are all familiar with –striving to be healthier, exercising more and so on. Once again this year, many will be taking the plunge and participating in Veganuary. This is something that the some of the team members Tisserand HQ took part in last year, and was a great way to re-balance our mindset about what we are putting into our bodies. Whilst not all of us are Vegan, we could certainly understand the reasons that drive this choice. Whether it is a simple ‘feel good’ factor, or to affect a change with the way we live in this world – it’s a growing trend that we can’t help be aware of.

It is easy to think about veganism relating only to food. But it’s much bigger than just not eating meat, fish & dairy. Within the health and body care industry, there is a growing awareness and education about what ingredients are being used in our everyday products. Over the past century, processes for creating commercial cosmetics and body products have evolved with such complexity that it can be difficult for us to know what ingredients are being used. Things like artificial fragrances, preservatives, stabilisers and detergents and animal-based ingredients are a common feature in many of our familiar favourites, without us being aware of it.

As a brand, Tisserand Aromatherapy is proud to be a member of the Vegan Society, because we understand the importance of natural ingredients. From our Essential Oils which form the base of all our collections, to our forthcoming projects, you will find the Vegan Society accreditation on all our products. This brings peace of mind for many consumers, because it is not always easy or convenient to make sure that we are buying the very best from the vast world of natural beauty. At Tisserand Aromatherapy, we only use 100% natural pure essential oils and ingredients and we will never compromise on quality. It is our brand ethos when we say Trust in our knowledge. So, for all the Vegans, and would-be-Vegans out there, you can trust in Tisserand.