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Higher Nature

Higher Nature is a leading British nutritional supplements company, founded in 1994 by Celia Wright and her husband Brian, who were trailblazers in the industry. The company believes in promoting health and wellbeing for all by creating supplements to support optimal health, at therapeutic levels based on the latest research. Sadly, Celia died in 2008 but her legacy remains and the business is embarking on a number of innovative developments that will showcase just how it supports individuals beyond (just) great vitamins and minerals.

Higher Nature’s Aim

Higher Nature’s aim is to help everyone maintain and optimise health in order to get the most out of life. They believe health in itself, although important, is only one element needed to enjoy all life has to offer. Their idea is that life is better when lived with purpose – to achieve good health for a purposeful life. Their way of expressing this is staying . . . High on Life!

The Range

With a team of expert nutritionists and technicians, all Higher Nature ingredients are rigorously researched, and if they don’t work, they’re not used! With a predominantly vegetarian range, Higher Nature’s quality supplements have innovative and potent formulations for maximum results and health benefits. Their diverse product range provides the cornerstone on which to build a healthy lifestyle.Higher Nature carefully source their ingredients for quality and efficacy. They are all pesticide free, not tested on animals, certified non GM, free from artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners where possible and certified organic, vegetarian and vegan wherever possible.

Higher Nature range facts:

• Therapeutic levels of active ingredients to optimise health (often above RDAs)
• Developed by nutritionists based on the latest research
• Ethically sourced with full traceability of ingredients
• Free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners (using stevia where necessary)
• Predominantly vegetarian (over 85% of all products) and vegan (over 75%)