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Dreaming of a Sniff Free Summer?

Suffer from hayfever and find enjoying the outdoors a misery during the spring and summer months? At the beginning of the season, usually around April, hayfever sufferers can start to use natural healing methods to build their immunity and keep them sneeze-free. Just as you may blame nature for your suffering, nature can also play an important role in easing your symptoms.

Pollinosan Tablets and Nasal Spray

If you or a member of your party suffers from hayfever or allergic rhinitis, you may not want to fill up on antihistamine meds that leave you drowsy. Try Pollinosan tablets, which are licensed for the relief of symptoms of hayfever and other forms of allergic rhinitis, and are excellent at reducing hayfever-type reactions in the nose, eyes and throat, without causing drowsiness. They work quickly and don’t become less effective if used long-term. They are also not contraindicated with any medication, Pollinosan also comes as a nasal spray for instant effects.

Tired heavy legs?

However, it’s not just about hayfever misery! With summer upon us, and however much you love the hot weather, it can have unpleasant effects on your lower limbs. As the weather heats up, the body attempts to keep blood cool by diverting it to the surface of the skin, and the changes in blood flow can cause swelling. A.Vogel Venagel, which contains extracts of fresh Horse Chestnut seed, helps cool and soothe legs that feel weary, heavy, tired, hot and uncomfortable. It is perfect to use for swift relief at the end of a hard day’s work or after a long journey in the car, plane or train, when your legs can often get swollen and painful. You don’t even have to wait to the end of a long warm day to use the gel. Apply it regularly during the day to keep your legs nice and refreshed.

Time for a spring cleanse?

Have you decided it’s time to clean up your digestion? We spring clean our houses, cars and desks at work, but many of us are guilty of neglecting our own health. Did you know our liver has over 500 functions within the body and has many important roles in digestion? It manufactures bile which is important for the proper breakdown and utilisation of fats. So there is always a good time to give your leaver a cleanse!

A.Vogel Milk Thistle complex can be beneficial to the liver; it is rich in a component called Silymarin which acts as a powerful antioxidant. Milk Thistle Complex is a traditional herbal liver tonic which strengthens, cleanses and protects the liver whilst also giving you some extra digestive support.


If you want a physically healthy summer why not try one of these A Vogel’s natural remedies and enjoy a 20% discount during the month of May.