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Prevent Intimate Health Issues; Naturally

Here are just some of the ways you can naturally prevent some intimate health issues:


Thrush is a common yeast infection experience by most women during their lifetime.  Symptoms include itching, irritation and lumpy discharge.



Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, usually as a result of infection.  Symptoms include an urgent need to urinate, burning pain when urinating and general pain the bladder.



Bacterial vaginosis is a common yet poorly understood condition, often mistaken for thrush.  Symptoms include a fishy smelling, thin discharge of white or grey colour.


General Tips

If you are susceptible to the above conditions, you can also promote good intimate health by doing a few of the following things.


Say ‘YES’ to friendly bacteria for your vagina and opt for OptiBac, clinically trialled by thousands of women and scientifically proven to reach the vagina.  Try it for yourself and benefit from a 20% discount in May 2019.


However, if symptoms persist, always seek advice from your doctor.