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Collagen: Skin & Skeletal Support

Collagen is definately coming of age but Higher Nature have long been singing its praises. So why are we shouting out about collagen? Here is why collagen from Higher Nature is perfect for your skin and skeletal support.

Collagen is the major fibrous protein of the skin, with Type I accounting for 80% and Type II making much of the remainder. Together with elastin, collagen forms the extracellular Matrix giving structure and elasticity to the skin.

When you age and contributing factors such as sun exposure, the collagen fibres shorten and most of Type I collagen is lost, resulting in loss of structure and the skin becoming thinner, losing firmness.

Taking collagen orally has shown to increase density and diameter of collagen fibres which results in reduction of wrinkles!

Collagen is integral to bone health. 35% of bone mass is a protein matrix of which 90% is made up from Type I collagen fibres twisted around each other providing the scaffolding onto which the minerals are deposited.

Higher Nature Collaflex drink is a perfect mix of Type I & II collagen which is sustainably sourced from antibiotic- free fish. It is important for defence against skin ageing as it is naturally enriched with amino acids which are building blocks for forming collagen.