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Everyday Energy the Natural Way

In a culture that praises an ‘always on’ lifestyle, it’s no surprise that many people can be left feeling tired and fatigued. Aside from any particular medical condition, low energy can be caused by numerous lifestyle factors such as diet, activity level and sleep routine. The most obvious signs include; feeling sleepy or sluggish during the day, a lack of motivation and difficulty concentrating – otherwise known as ‘mind fog’.

What Affects Our Energy Levels

Frequently, people can feel low on energy or generally fatigued if they’re lacking in key nutrients that are either underrepresented in modern diets or which are difficult to absorb from food sources. These nutrients can often slip through the net when we’re leading extremely busy lives, or amongst those that are unaware of the role they play in energising the body and supporting the mind.

The time of life and of course, gender, can also play a part in how energised or fatigued we feel. For example, expectant or new mothers are likely to be low in iron, which can leave them feeling more tired than usual.

Enhance Your Energy Naturally With BetterYou Oral Sprays

Vitamin B12 is vital in supporting the body’s ability to combat tiredness and fatigue but it can be difficult to obtain through diet alone and is notoriously difficult to absorb.

Offering a natural ‘boost’, vitamin B12 aids with energy release, contributes to healthy red blood cells whilst also supporting psychological functions. Another essential component in energy production and immune support is iron. Contributing to normal cognitive function and regular oxygen transport within the body, this key nutrient is best utilised by the body on an empty stomach.

BetterYou champions a food-first approach to supplementing; encouraging a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle, plugging the nutritional gaps left by over-farming and modern diets with its range of innovative intra-oral sprays to elevate levels of key nutrients.