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Vitamin D for Vegan Wellbeing

Whether motivated by personal health reasons, animal welfare or environmental benefits, it’s essential that those following a vegan diet uphold nutrient levels for their wellbeing and, as the veganism moment continues to grow, many people are turning to supplements to plug the nutritional gaps that may be left from plant-based living – including vitamin D.

Supporting a normal, effective immune system and keeping our bones healthy, vitamin D is an essential nutrient that regulates the intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous within the body. Vitamin D also supports muscle function, allowing us to stay active by enhancing mitochondria – the ‘powerhouses’ of our bodies’ cells which are responsible for turning energy from the food we eat, into energy for those cells.

The vast majority of the vitamin D our bodies require comes from our skin’s unprotected exposure to sunlight. However, UVB radiation cannot penetrate cloud cover, glass, clothing or SPF, which makes it difficult to maintain vitamin D levels through sunlight alone.

The best food sources of this vital vitamin come from animal products such as beef, eggs and cheese, so vegans are more likely to require support in topping up their levels.

Delivering 1000 IU of bioavailable vegan vitamin D3 per daily dose, BetterYou’s DLux 1000 Vegan Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray boasts a ‘clean label’ with a pure and simple formulation, containing only 100% plant-origin vitamin D3 and palm-free coconut oil.