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The Next Generation in CBD Supplementation

Consumer interest in cannabidiol (CBD) has risen  dramatically since early 2018, with an estimated 8 to 11 per cent of UK adults having tried the compound in some form.

Combining the science of molecular encapsulation with its unique oral spray technology, natural health brand, BetterYou, has developed the next generation of CBD supplementation with its natural lime-flavoured, CBD Oral Spray.

Utilising a revolutionary encapsulation process which is primarily reserved for pharmaceutical development has enabled the pioneering brand to develop a highly bioavailable, innovative CBD supplement. This encapsulation allows the cannabinoids to be delivered through the buccal membrane of the mouth, whilst completely concealing the unpalatable CBD taste.

Committed to the long-term future of environmentally-positive plastic production, BetterYou’s CBD Oral Spray is housed in a bottle made from 100 per cent carbon-negative, plant-based plastic; in which sugarcane is utilised as an ethanol source rather than fossil fuels.

Accredited by the Carbon Trust, this advanced plastic production is carbon negative, with more carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the sugarcane than is expensed in production and transport.