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Let’s Bust Some Myths on CBD

To help dispel some of the myths on the market, Nutritional Expert and Product Developer at award-winning natural health brand BetterYou, Keeley Berry, answers the CBD questions most commonly asked.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of at least 113 known cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant.  These plant-based cannabinoids are similar in structrue to the body’s own cannabinoid system, called the endocannabinoid system.  The edocannabinoid system in the body is responsible for regulating sleep, appetite, anxiety and pain.  CBD binds to part pf the body’s endocannabinoid receptors to boost the body’s production of its own cannabinoids.

Is CBD oil safe?

As long as you buy from a reputed supplier who can produce certification of the products’ safety and ingredients, and you opt for the hemp-derived variety as opposed to the marijuana-based option, it should be safe.  A World Health Organisation report on CBD confirmed that “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.  Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.”

Can you get ‘high’ on CBD?

The specific cannabinoid substance found in marijuana that makes you high is called THC, and that is the psychoactive part of the drug.  The industrial hemp production that is the basis for CBD oil’s manufacture is grown to have significantly lower THC levels and higher CBD yields.  In the UK, THC is highly-regulated to ensure there is no more than 1mg of THC per bottle of product and therefore it will not induce psychoactive effects.  This underlines the importance of buying from a reputable company that can produce certification on exactly what is in the product.

Can you overdose on CBD and is it addictive?

Due to the extremely low levels of THC, there’s no reason why CBD oil should be addictive when used responsibly.  It’s always best to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions on the product purchased and consult a GP and discontinue use if you’re noticing any adverse effects.  This can include: dry mouth, low blood pressure and drowsiness.

Are CBD oil and Hemp seed oil the same thing?

Nope, there is a BIG difference! Hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant that are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – they tend to be used in cooking and cosmetics.  hemp seeds are a food, but when you start growing the plant and extracting CBD oil from its leaves and stalks, then you’re talking about a CBD oil supplement and the manufacture of these is strictly regulated in the UK.  CBD oil can also be known as ‘hemp extract’ and is derived from the industrial hemp process that results in high CBD and lower THC containing crops – this is what you find in CBD oil supplements.

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