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Pukka Partners with TreeSisters

Pukka is partnering with global charity TreeSisters to plant trees around the world, supporting restoration through reforestation. Addressing the climate crisis The UN has warned that we have 12 years to address the climate crisis and limit global warming. Scientific evidence tells us that to keep the rise in global temperatures below 1.5C – preserving […]

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Doing Our Bit for the Planet

Did you know that in 2019 we …. We refilled 1,449 Ecover 1.5L bottles We refilled 1,601 bottle of washing up liquid We sold 1,555 loose Faith in Nature soaps We returned 1,401 Viridian bottles  

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Sleep Better Collection

Strive for Quality as Well as Quantity this National Bed Month Deep sleep – the optimal state for the body to repair itself – remains elusive for many.  In the UK alone, a staggering 30% of people experience poor sleep most nights of the week, while 74% of Brits get less than the recommended 7-9 […]

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Tired of Not Sleeping?

There are many problems associated with sleep.  Some struggle to fall asleep, others get to sleep but find themselves awake again for hours on end, unable to return to the land of nod. Stress and sleep problems often accompany one another, and unfortunately can case major disruption to other factors in life.  Too little sleep […]

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Cognitive Support with Lion’s Mane

Mushrooms are all around us, they are the true communicators in nature, and we share more of our DNA with fungi than with plants.  Medicinal mushrooms have been used globally for thousands of years for their health benefits and can provide the missing link to support our health and well-being. Each medicinal mushroom has its […]

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CBD Oral Spray

Let’s Bust Some Myths on CBD

To help dispel some of the myths on the market, Nutritional Expert and Product Developer at award-winning natural health brand BetterYou, Keeley Berry, answers the CBD questions most commonly asked. What is CBD? CBD is one of at least 113 known cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant.  These plant-based cannabinoids are similar in structrue to […]

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Fight Pain and Strains Naturally

Atrogel Arnica Gel If you’ve found the motivation to get more active this year but are frustrated by setbacks such as injuries and other niggles, make sure you have Atrogel Arnica Gel on hand! This is a traditional herbal medicinal product for the symptomatic relief of muscular aches, pains and stiffness, sprains, bruises and swelling […]

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Pharma Nord - bioquinone Q10 Gold 100mg

A Healthier Heart: For Good?

The huge potential of Q10 research Heart disease accounts for over a quarter of all deaths in the UK.  In an effort to protect ourselves, many people take nutritional supplements, as well as a healthy diet, exercise and regular doctor’s check ups.  A growing body of research shows that the nutrient coenzyme Q10 could significantly […]

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Viridian Collage

Top Five Supplements for Energy and Vitality

Feeling constantly exhausted, burnt-out and fatigued is a common modern-day issue.  From packed schedules, to lack of quality sleep and poor dietary habits, our energy levels are affected by a multitude of factors. Predominately fueled by our diets, the food we consume is converted to energy in the mitochondria, or the ‘powerhouses’ of the cell.  […]

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Naturalife Wholefoods

Feel Relaxed and Pampered on Valentine’s Day

Naturally kind, nourishing and respectful of sensitive or reactive skin, these calming oils are carefully blended by experts. From massage oil to warming body wraps, this range is perfect for delicate skin in times of need and pampering. Pamper yourself this Valentine’s day with 20% off in-store on our Tisserand range of Lavender & Chamomile […]

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