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Fight Pain and Strains Naturally

Atrogel Arnica Gel If you’ve found the motivation to get more active this year but are frustrated by setbacks such as injuries and other niggles, make sure you have Atrogel Arnica Gel on hand! This is a traditional herbal medicinal product for the symptomatic relief of muscular aches, pains and stiffness, sprains, bruises and swelling […]

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Pharma Nord - bioquinone Q10 Gold 100mg

A Healthier Heart: For Good?

The huge potential of Q10 research Heart disease accounts for over a quarter of all deaths in the UK.  In an effort to protect ourselves, many people take nutritional supplements, as well as a healthy diet, exercise and regular doctor’s check ups.  A growing body of research shows that the nutrient coenzyme Q10 could significantly […]

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Viridian Collage

Top Five Supplements for Energy and Vitality

Feeling constantly exhausted, burnt-out and fatigued is a common modern-day issue.  From packed schedules, to lack of quality sleep and poor dietary habits, our energy levels are affected by a multitude of factors. Predominately fueled by our diets, the food we consume is converted to energy in the mitochondria, or the ‘powerhouses’ of the cell.  […]

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Naturalife Wholefoods

Feel Relaxed and Pampered on Valentine’s Day

Naturally kind, nourishing and respectful of sensitive or reactive skin, these calming oils are carefully blended by experts. From massage oil to warming body wraps, this range is perfect for delicate skin in times of need and pampering. Pamper yourself this Valentine’s day with 20% off in-store on our Tisserand range of Lavender & Chamomile […]

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Time to Detox!

Now the Christmas indulgent days are over, take a look at our 5 detox lines that are all available to buy in-store and will get everyone feeling good! Westlab Epsom Salts Westlab Epsom Bath Salts are the perfect remedy to use to help relax achy and tired muscles especially when used after exercise.  Westlab bath […]

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The Recycling Scheme

The Recycling Scheme

Do Your Bit to Save Our Planet! Our in-store recycling boxes are a convenient way to recyle our own and Queenswood pre-packaging.  Once consumed simply return to our Naturalife store, peel off the label and drop your empty packets into our recycling bins! 100% of the recycled plastic is made into other products in the […]

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A.Vogel Herbal Helpers this January

Take a look at A.Vogel’s herbal remedies for colds and flu symptoms and mild stress this January. ECHINAFORCE Unfortunately colds and flu can occur throughout the year, but the winter conditions certainly seem to give them a free pass to invade your immune system, what with the drop in temperature, cold winds and influx of […]

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Vitamin K - leafy greens and supplements3

Key Nutrients in a Vegan Diet

With careful planning, it’s possible to make a smooth transition from non-vegan to animal free diet. A vegan or plant-based diet is free from animal-derived products and by-products, this includes the avoidance of diary, eggs, and honey among others. Eating a rich and varied plant-based foods is key, however you may need to consider taking […]

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Vegan Health Spray

Vegan Health Daily Oral Spray

4 fundamental nutrients you need this Veganuary! On average, vegans live three and a half years longer than omnivores and one in three people are now stopping or reducing their meat consumption. However, when cutting out food groups, it is essential to uphold nutrient levels for optimal wellbeing.  As it can to be difficult to […]

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Veganuary: Go Vegan this January

A record breaking 250,310 participants took part in 2019! Veganuary is a charity and campaign inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year.  There’s a reason for everyone one to try vegan this January.  Reduce the suffering of billions of animals, help the planet, discover exciting, delicious food and […]

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