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How StatiQinon could help your cholesterol

What is high cholesterol? High cholesterol describes the presence in the blood of too much cholesterol, a fatty substance responsible for transport of fats within the body. Too much cholesterol may block blood vessels, a condition known as atherosclerosis, which can block blood vessels and lead to events such as heart attack and stroke. The […]

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Which is the Best Echinaforce for You?

With a range of Echinaforce products available, you may be wondering which one is the best for your symptoms.  Take a look at theh A.Vogel Echinaforce range and find our which will suit you best. Echinaforce Echniacea Drops The original A.Vogel tincture, contains extracts of freshly harvested herb and root of Echinacea purpurea.  Fights cold […]

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Tired of Not Sleeping?

There are many problems associated with sleep. Some struggle to fall asleep, others get to sleep but find themselves awake again for hours on end, unable to return to the land of nod. Stress and sleep problems often accompany one another, and unfortunately can cause major disruption to other factors in life. Too little sleep […]

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Angelica leaf

WEE Can Talk About a Natural Approach

Bladder health is under the spotlight with ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition unveiling its innovative Organic Angelica Leaf Extract. Sourced from an organic island off the Icelandic coast – close to the edge of the Arctic Circle, Organic Angelica archangelica leaf extract, is formulated with pumpkin seed extract which contributes to the maintenance of good […]

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Wooden doll Square

Vitamin D for Vegan Wellbeing

Whether motivated by personal health reasons, animal welfare or environmental benefits, it’s essential that those following a vegan diet uphold nutrient levels for their wellbeing and, as the veganism moment continues to grow, many people are turning to supplements to plug the nutritional gaps that may be left from plant-based living – including vitamin D. […]

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Turmeric is a wonderful spice, full of flavour and colour with health benefits to boot. It is the colour of golden sunshine and is used in Indian cookery in particular to add flavour and colour to food. A member of the ginger family, the spice is made from the dried rhizome (underground stem) of the […]

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Biloba: The Ancient Herb with Many Modern Benefits

Used as a herbal remedy for over 5000 years, ginkgo biloba also has decades of robust scientific research to back up its many potential benefits, which include supporting circulation and mental function. The Ginkgo biloba tree produces fan-shaped leaves containing a range of biologically active compounds. Together, these natural compounds demonstrate benefits to human health […]

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A Vogel

The Birth of A.Vogel

When Alfred Vogel founded the company A.Vogel in 1963 he was already a practitioner of 40 years’ experience. The products that the company made were the same ones he was using so successfully in his clinic, using herbs grown in the clinic gardens. The remedies had proved so popular that he had to set up […]

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Solgar Hair

Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

Nutritional supplements can help to support your hair, skin and nail health, which are all made up of connective tissue. This connective tissue contains primarily collagen and keratin, which are strong, fibrous proteins. Certain nutrients are vital to the formation of these proteins, therefore ensuring an adequate supply of these will go a long way […]

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Magnesium Image

Choosing the Right Magnesium Lotion

One of nature’s most celebrated relaxants, magnesium is renowned for it’s health and wellbeing benefits and it can also support the health of our skin. When applied topically, magnesium is not only absorbed by the body to replenish our levels of this vital mineral, it can help to repair cells, leaving the skin soft and […]

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