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Tired of Not Sleeping?

There are many problems associated with sleep. Some struggle to fall asleep, others get to sleep but find themselves awake again for hours on end, unable to return to the land of nod. Stress and sleep problems often accompany one another, and unfortunately can cause major disruption to other factors in life. Too little sleep […]

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Feeling Low and Anxious?

Life is full of ups and downs, things don’t always go to plan and we are most likely to suffer from low mood when we are under stress. This emotional position gives us a lower capacity to cope with the everyday problems we might otherwise be able to take in our stride and is the […]

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Get the Cherry Active Edge Experience!

The benefits of CherryActive lies in its amazing antioxidant power. One single 30ml serving has the same antioxidant power as 23 portions of fruit and vegetables! These antioxidants are the key to CherryActive giving you the Active Edge to maintain healthy uric acid levels, aid joint health and help improve the quality of your sleep. […]

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High Strength Turmeric

Turmeric is a wonderful spice, full of flavour and colour with health benefits to boot. A member of the ginger family, the spice is made from the dried rhizome (underground stem) of the plant. Turmeric root has long been prized in India for its many well documented health benefits which include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, circulatory […]

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Citricidal; New & Improved Formula

Higher Nature’s best seller, Citricidal grapefruit seed extract, is back and it’s been improved! Made with organic grapefruit extract All-round home remedy Perfect digestive support, just mix with water Ideal for travelling, helping prevent digestive problems Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Citricidal is a brillaint natural cleanser, diluted externally it can be used as a […]

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Recipes and Blends for Veganuary

To support the Veganuary campaign, here are some inspiring Vegan-friendly aromatherapy recipes and blends to make. BLEND FOR ACHING JOINTS In 10mls of Tisserand AromatherapyPure Blending Oil, mix: – 1 drop of Lavender – 2 drops of Cypress – 2 drops of Rosemary Apply to stiff joints in small, ligth, massaging movements when needed. BLEND […]

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We Are Vegan

The arrival of the New Year welcomes new attitudes and new resolutions that we are all familiar with –striving to be healthier, exercising more and so on. Once again this year, many will be taking the plunge and participating in Veganuary. This is something that the some of the team members Tisserand HQ took part […]

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5 things you didn’t realise Magnesium can do for you!

Known for its cleansing, purifying and renewing properties, magnesium is a natural relaxant responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body Our need for magnesium has never been so great. With modern diets and lifestyles resulting in drastically poor magnesium intake, it is estimated that 70% of all adult’s experience low levels of essential […]

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Christmas Gifts

Pamper Yourself This Christmas!

Naturalife Wholefoods has a whole range of goodies to make your loved ones feel special and pampered this festive season. Who wouldn’t want to find a Dr Hauschka gift box or some fabulous essential oils Maroma Incense Sticks under the tree for a stress-free Christmas! Read on to find out what festive treats we have […]

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The Baytree Christchurch - 300x200 px

Naturalife Wholefoods Expands

The Naturalife Wholefoods team is delighted to announce that they have expanded after acquiring The Bay Tree Health Stores in Christchurch and Ferndown. Drop in to either Christchurch or Ferndown to say hello to the team and purchase your favourite healthy lifestyle products.  The addresses and opening times of each store can be found below: […]

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