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Cover-Up Buttercup SPF 15 200g


An all natural SPF 15 moisturiser using just natural clear Zinc.

Product Description

A natural SPF 15 cream still provides very good sun protection (SPF 15 means 94% of UV blocked) whilst not requiring as much clear Zinc and other ingredients so that it has better skin feel.
Our Cover-up Buttercup is natural and healthy for the skin and provides long lasting production without using UV Filters or pentration enhancers.

What is Cover-Up Buttercup?
We have chosen only to use clear zinc oxide in a cream that is designed to be a natural moisturizer. We also wanted a natural non-greasy cream that can be used on infants and adults every day. This is personally what we prefer to use at home. But making a cream this way does mean some compromise in the amount of SPF that can be achieved. SPF 15 will provide protection for 4 hours for someone who would normally burn in 15 minutes.
Because it is based on the Full Cream moisturiser, it is very healthy for the skin, not packed with chemicals. It is of course perfect for babies.
Just apply the cream as a moisturiser before going into the sun. All natural products should be patch tested before use. Perfect for infants as well as adults.