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Higher Nature Visualeyes 30 Capsules


This super potency antioxidant provides the natural yellow antioxidants important for eyes, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. ┬áThe eye’s ‘macula’ is often called the ‘yellow spot’ because it collects Lutein and Zeaxanthin, believed to protect the retina from free radical damage. ┬áVitamins A, C and E, Zinc and Selenium also help quench light-induced free radicals in the eyes.


Usually shipped within 2-3 days.


Product Description

Suggested intake:
Take 1-2 capsules a day.

One capsule typically provides:
30mg Lutein Complex (5%), 30mg Zeaxanthin Complex (5%), 60mg Vitamin C, 18mg Bilberry standardised extract, 5mg Vitamin E, 2mg Vitamin B2, 3mg Zinc, 250?g Vitamin A, 75?g Selenium, Tomato powder.

Does not contain:
Salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, lactose, dairy products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings.
Vegetarian and vegan.



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