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Lamberts Eyewise 60 Tablets


Much interest has been generated in the last few years regarding the two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin since evidence is mounting that increased consumption of lutein may help maintain healthy vision as we age.


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Product Description

We are therefore delighted to introduce Lamberts Eyewise to the Lamberts range, which provides a full 10mg of lutein per tablet. Some manufacturers overstate their lutein levels, claiming the weight of the preparation rather than just the lutein.  We feel this is misleading so we simply provide you with the pure, free-form amount which is 10mg per tablet, making our product one of the strongest on the market.

Lamberts Eyewise also provides bilberry, grapeseed and blackberry (as concentrated extracts), since they all have potent antioxidant properties and are renowned for eye health.


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