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S.O.S Intensive Care Dry Scalp Conditioner 200ml


[Serious help for sensitive scalps] Nourishing lipids and strengthening, regulating plant extracts are blended in this advanced effective formula to provide exceptional conditioning for both hair and scalp, while fending off dandruff.  Comb it through out-of condition hair and don’t forget to massage into dry problem scalps daily to deeply hydrate, soothe and calm. Revitalising oils leave hair soft, glossy and freshly aromatic for both men and women.

SOS intensive care dry scalp conditioner is suitable for normal, dry, sensitive skin and for those who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.


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Product Description

Use S.O.S. intensive care dry scalp conditioner daily to:

  • Actively soothe and hydrate dry flaky problem scalps
  • Help banish dandruff
  • Maintain healthy scalps for the whole family
  • Detangle troublesome locks
  • Leave hair soft, glossy and aromatic with oils of lemon tea tree, rosemary and geranium

S.O.S intensive care dry scalp conditioner contains:

  • shea butter, jojoba, evening primrose oil and olive squalene hydrate and condition dry scalps
  • MSM and licorice extract soothe irritation
  • calendula, horsetail and mahonia prevent itchy inflammation
  • neem, nettle, tea tree, willow and pau d?arco purify, control sebum and prevent dandruff
  • chamomile, neroli, cedarwood and citrus oils relax and refresh

You will love SOS intensive care dry scalp conditioner if you have the following hair/scalp types:

  • Sensitive
  • Dry
  • Parched
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergic
  • All Hair Types (for coloured and processed hair use our Rosa Fina brilliance hair repair masque)

100% natural & therapeutic


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